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Due to COVID-19 emergency Advocacy Aotearoa has been postponed.

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Designed specifically for mid-senior leaders, you’ll super-charge your skills and energy, gain further confidence as a social change leader, and connect with a community of your peers from across Aotearoa.

Advocacy Aotearoa trains and empowers twenty-first-century change agents including campaigners, advocates, organisers and practitioners in social change who build and serve civil society movements throughout Aotearoa and across the world.

Over two residential retreats and five webinars participants are equipped with the skills, confidence and connections to lead advocacy and win change on big issues facing the country.

Through these residential workshops, webinars, readings and written reflections, the program enhanced skills in campaign strategy, media, digital engagement, grassroots community organising and more.


    Future leaders

    It is the best value for time and money programme I have ever been on. It is an absolute must if you are serious about social change and progress.

    Dianne Rogers
    Blind Foundation

    What you will learn


    • Campaign strategy, approaches and tools
    • Detailed case studies of major campaigns from the people who ran them
    • Story-based strategy


    • Elements of successful digital advocacy, engagement and fundraising campaigns
    • Practical workshops on email and social media best practice
    • Case studies and examples


    • Introductions to framing and language analysis
    • Identifying your target audience
    • Message testing at all scales and budgets
    • Case studies from practitioners

    Community Organising

    • Approaches and models of organising your members and supporters
    • Detailed case studies
    • Practical organising skills for recruitment, relationships and leadership development.

    Engaging Decision Makers

    • Target-centred campaigning
    • Navigating parliament and lobbying politicians
    • Briefing and meeting decision makers

    Media Skills

    • Media and communications strategy
    • Broadcast media interview skills
    • Approaches and practical skills to drive strategic media coverage that reaches your audience

    Join an international network of change agents, campaigners and social advocates.

    Fellowship Alumni Network

    A Trans-Tasman network of campaigners, joining with the community of alumni from Australian Progress’ Fellowships in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth – including the opportunity to attend an Annual Alumni Retreat.

    The Advocacy Aotearoa fellowship alumni members include participants from organisations such as Hāpai Te Hauora, Amnesty International, Mapu Maia (Pacific Arm of the Problem Gambling Foundation), 350 Aotearoa, the Public Service Association, the Blind Foundation, ActionStation, Safe, JustSpeak and the National Council of Women.

    A strong emphasis is placed on maintaining social communication channels to provide a space to share & debate ideas, seek support and advice, and promote opportunities for collaboration.

    “I got a lot out of the Fellowship and I totally recommend it for anyone looking to create social change in their issue in New Zealand. It brings all the different campaign skills together in one place, introduces new ways to think about campaigning, sparks tactical ideas, and creates the perfect space to explore your own movement focus. It is also a great networking space.”

    Eliot Pryor

    Action Station

    “I took part in Advocacy Aotearoa in 2018 along some other colleagues from Hāpai Te Hauora. By the end of day two, I was inspired and a little overwhelmed by the enormity of historical social justice campaigns including Stop ADANI and the American AIDs movement. The programme opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching social justice, re-centering the power of people and communities against institutions with long-standing power. The greatest outcome of the programme, however, was the friendship’s forged with those equally as dedicated to social justice, many of whom I still talk to and collaborate with today. “

    Haylee Koroi

    Hāpai Te Hauora

    “I have gained an invaluable experience by attending the NZ Fellowship – not only the new friendships with fellow campaigners but also the boost in confidence in my own work. I highly recommend it.”
    Pesio Ah-Honi Siitia

    Problem Gambling Foundation

    Meet the Fellows

    “Ma te whakatau ka mohio, ma te mohio ka mara, ma te marama ka matau, ma te mohio ka mara, me”

    “By discussion comes understanding, By understanding comes light, By light comes wisdom, By wisdom comes life.”


    Registrations open

    We are now taking registrations for the 2020 Aotearoa Advocacy Fellowship. Register at the link below or contact for more information.


    Hāpai Te Hauora Tapui
    +64 9 520 4796

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